Hear From Our Students.


Taking classes at TCM has been a great privilege for me. As a youth pastor two of the courses that have provided me with better tools for service have been Counseling Techniques and Principles of Christian Teaching. The first course helped me to see many different aspects of counseling, which when counseling teenagers. The second course helped me to evaluate the effectiveness of the teaching in our church. I am very grateful to everyone who makes it possible for me to study at TCM.
— Evgheni, Moldova
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I do not think it is a coincidence that in the past three years, we have formulated a new vision for our church and to better understand our place in God’s work. These were the years when I started studying at TCM. The formation of our vision was, to a large degree, shared in lessons and fellowship that we had together with others while studying at TCM.
— Jiri, Czech Republic

I am trying to be a fruitful branch on the Lord’s vine and especially for the local community in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria. My studies at TCM challenge me to give more in the spreading the gospel in Bulgaria. I pray that God will continue to bless me through TCM, so that I can be a blessing to others.
— Dan, Bulgaria

TCM plays a significant role in my life of service and ministry. It is a well of knowledge, encouragement, spiritual renewal, and growth. I have taken courses both in Moldova and at Haus Edelweiss. All of the professors influenced my understanding of the subject and they were used by God to shape my knowledge and improve my skills in order to be a more effective servant of God. Thanks to all who are part of the TCM ministry. Your faithful and humble ministry has influenced my life and my ministry.
— Veaceslav, Moldova

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Recently I took the Homiletics course in Russia. One of the blessings of the class was that our professor, Leonid Mikhovich, was of common Slavic heritage. This made it possible to discuss the problems of preaching not only from a theoretical homiletics standpoint, but also from the practical life of our churches. I was also pleased that the course did not put emphasis on only one kind of preaching (e.g. explanatory or thematic) as best. We looked at several types of sermons and discussed their strengths and weaknesses.
— Viktor, Russia